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NYC man who attacked subway rider with his poop released without bail

March 3, 2022 1:32pm

Updated: March 3, 2022 1:32pm

The homeless man who alleged shoved his own feces into a woman’s face at a New York City subway station joked with cops that “shit happens” before his arraignment on Tuesday, after which he was released without bail.

Frank Abrokwa, 37, was arrested on Monday at his homeless shelter for the brazen and disgusting attack on Feb. 21. Video caught him thrusting a bag of his own excrement into the face of a woman sitting on a bench on the Wakefield-241st Street subway platform.

The homeless Abrokwa has been arrested 22 times since 1999, many relating to physical attacks against bystanders. His most recent arrest was on Feb. 22, one day after his poop attack, for allegedly threatening an employee of the hardware store he was robbing with a screwdriver.

He was also arrested earlier in the month on Feb. 8 for punching a Grehound bus driver at the Port Authority bus terminal.

Abrokwa was unruly during his hearing at Bronx Criminal Court, lashing out at the prosecutor for requesting a restraining order for the 43-year-old victim and the judge, to whom he asked, “Why am I being mistreated by the system?”

Bronx Assistant District Attorney Grace Phillips said that Abrokwa attacked the victim because she did not engage with him earlier, when he walked up and said, “Hey mami, how come you don’t want to talk to me?”

Abrokwa decided to take revenge for being ignored, walking into a nearby subway car and defecating in a bag. 

“He then walked back to the complainant and repeatedly smashed the bag and left his feces in her face, head, neck, shoulders and back area. She had feces in her eyes, and hair,” the ADA explained, adding that the victim also suffered from a cut inside her lip and a swollen, red forehead.

The attack comes amid an unprecedent crime wave in New York City. Mayor Eric Adams called the incident a “horrific experience for anyone to go through” on Monday, reported the New York Post. 

Abrokwa was ultimately freed without bail because the charges against him were not bail-eligible under New York’s bail reform laws. He also was free without bail during his poop attack for the same reason.

However, he was quickly rearrested by waiting Brooklyn detectives for an unrelated hate crime on Sep. 9, where he allegedly approached a man and said, “Fucking Jew, I’m going to kill you. He then spat on the victim’s chest and tried to punch him, according to police.

In that case, Abrokwa was charged with harassment and menacing, both as hate crimes. His arraignment was pending Wednesday morning, according to the New York Post.