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Prince of Song Elio Veles dazzles thousands, rises to fame as Cuban José José

The 22-year-old Cuban has received thousands of praise and recognition on his social networks for his ability to revive the famous Mexican singer-songwriter José José

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April 28, 2024 12:04pm

Updated: April 29, 2024 8:49am

Elio Veliz Pérez Romero is a young Cuban who has gained fame for the great resemblance of his voice to that of the great icon of romantic music José José.

The 22-year-old has received praise from thousands on his social networks for his ability to revive the famous Mexican singer-songwriter nicknamed the Prince of Song.

His talent has caused many to call him: the Cuban José José.

“Well, I feel very happy because I never thought that life would take such a beautiful turn, I feel a lot of people who support me, a lot of people who send me a lot of nice messages,” Elio Veliz said from Havana, in conversation with Telemundo 51.

"Many people have approached me because they are very interested in me, but I am waiting to leave Cuba to pursue my career," he said.

In addition to social network users expressing how impressed they are by the young singer’s voice, José José's own children have also expressed their own admiration for Pérez Romero.

“It's wow, I don't have any real words. And my God, it is something, as I tell you, that takes me back to my childhood. It takes me back to seeing my dad in the studio,” said Sarita Sosa.


He added: "The fact that Elio is taking the world by surprise gives me a lot of joy, because Cuba well deserves to have more artists coming out of there."

Several netizens commented on an Instagram post by Elio Veliz that they thought the performer was doing phonomimics, an art that consists of pretending to speak or sing, while a previously recorded background sound plays.

“Wow, this young man surprised me, I thought you were doing phonemics, but I heard you 5 times and surprise. Beautiful voice, impeccable tessitura. You reached the tone of my admired José José, who sadly not even his son was able to inherit. I hope you dare to sing 'El Triste' and believe me, in Mexico, my beautiful country, it will embrace you with your beautiful voice," said one user.

“I am an infinite admirer of José José and this is one of the best interpretations I have ever heard. What a real talent,” commented another.

“These singers should be given all the support because they have talent, polite voice and style,” said a third.

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