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Vaporub can cure COVID-19 claimed Mexico’s President

The president said that his case allowed him to prove that the omicron variant is not as lethal as others

January 14, 2022 7:16pm

Updated: January 14, 2022 10:10pm

Mexico’s President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, made a comeback after getting COVID-19 for the second time. In a video published on social media, the president said that he has recuperated and talked about the treatment that helped him get better.

"I (have treated myself) with paracetamol and, although my adversaries who question Dr. (Jorge) Alcocer because he said Vaporub, laugh, well, yes. When I was a child, when we got sick with the flu, my mother used to put Vaporub on our chest and on the soles of our feet," he said.

AMLO did not allow the team of doctors in charge of his health to use "special medications" to treat his illness.

"These new drugs that have already been approved, that can be applied, I did not want to (use them) because these antivirals, even though they are already authorized, should be applied to those with chronic diseases," he added.

The president claimed that his infection allowed him to prove that omicron, the most recent variant of COVID-19, is not as lethal as previous ones.

"I think it is quite encouraging to be able to see firsthand that this variant of COVID is not as lethal and dangerousness as the previous variant," he concluded.

Social media users harshly criticized the president's medical recommendations.

“It is not necessary to be vaccinated, according to AMLO vaporub and lemon and honey is enough, adding to the collective ignorance and without respect for the dead of this country,” said one user.

“The cynicism on the part of President AMLO, to say that the Omicron variant is a little flu and that it can be cured with VapoRub; and hugs. What a pity he did not say it before to the more than 40 thousand who have been infected,” said another.

After a press conference where the president appeared without a mask, hoarse voice, and flu symptoms, many criticized AMLO’s sense of responsibility. Hours later, López Obrador confirmed that he had COVID-19 on his Twitter account.