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VIDEO: Massive bear strolls around affluent Naples, Florida community 

The massive animal is estimated to be about 6-feet-long and 300 pounds

Oso negro pasea por vecindario de Florida
Black bear roams around Florida neighborhood | @Yimmyishere

June 22, 2022 11:07am

Updated: June 22, 2022 1:29pm

Residents of a gated community in Florida were shocked to find a massive bear roaming around their exclusive neighborhood last Sunday.

Homeowners in the North Naples community of Milano recorded the black bear’s journey as the unwanted guest explored their front lawns and garbage cans. The massive animal is estimated to be about 6-feet-long and 300 pounds.

“We were just pulling in from church from First Naples, and all of a sudden, I just look and this huge bear is coming out from between two houses. It was humongous. I immediately knew it was a bear, and it was not stopping,” resident Vanessa Walker told WINK News.

“Look, there’s no soliciting around here,” said Jim Ritchie, a community resident who captured the bear’s journey from a safe distance in his car. “So you’re probably going to have to head back home. Is there somebody you wanted to see here?”

“Do you know what address you’re going to? Do you have a guest pass?” he continued asking the bear.

"That size bear I would expect to see at the zoo, not roaming our community, especially during the daytime," said Elvis Gooden Sr., general manager of the local golf facility.

No one was hurt during the bear’s visit and no one was threatened by the animal.

Black bear sightings in residential neighborhoods in Florida have been increasing due to expanding development, according to wildlife officials.

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises those who spot a bear to stay away from the bears and secure their garbage cans. “When people intentionally or inadvertently feed bears, both people and bears lose,” the agency added.