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Texas and Arizona border patrol agents nab over 100 convicted felons, several sex offenders 

The figures come as an unprecedented number of migrants have been apprehended at the border over the last four months

July 28, 2022 6:25pm

Updated: July 29, 2022 12:50pm

Customs and Border Patrol agents all across Texas and Arizona have apprehended hundreds of immigrants who are convicted felons in a single week, including several convicted sex offenders. 

Between July 17 and July 23, CBP agents in Yuma, Arizona intercepted more than 5,600 migrants from 46 countries, according to data published by Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem. 

Out of the 5,600 migrants, more than 104 of them were convicted felons and 57 others had been prosecuted for illegal entry, re-entry, and smuggling. Additionally, agents also encountered nine smuggling cases and 120 unaccompanied minors. 

In Laredo, Texas, CBP officers detained one male immigrant who is wanted for a sexual offense of a minor on July 23 at the Gateway to the Americas bridge. 

After inspecting pedestrians arriving from Mexico, an officer referred Juan Geronimo Hernandez, 32, for secondary verification. The biometric verification conducted there confirmed that he had an outstanding felony warrant. 

“Sexual violence can have serious psychological, emotional, and physical effects on a survivor. CBP collaborates with other law enforcement agencies to bring those allegedly committing these offenses to justice,” said Port Director Alberto Flores of the Laredo Port of Entry. 

Similarly, agents in the Del Rio border sector in Texas arrested two sex offenders one day apart from each other. On July 22, they arrested Mexican citizen Roberto Moya Santos, 42, convicted of third-degree rape. One day later, they encountered Kevin Orland Palma-Carrasco, 24, from Honduras, who was convicted of statutory rape and sexual assault. 

The figures come as an unprecedented number of migrants have been apprehended at the border over the last four months. In June, there were 207,000 undocumented immigrants intercepted at the border, compared to 189,000 in June last year. 

In Fiscal Year 2022, CBP agents have arrested a total of 8,354 migrants with criminal convictions, compared to 10,763 in all of FY 2021 and 2,438 in FY 2020. 

However, these numbers are only counting those migrants who have been encountered by patrol agents. This week, the Department of Homeland Security reported that there have been more than half-a-million migrants who have been able to cross the border undetected.