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More than 500,000 migrant 'gotaways' crossed Southwest border in 2022, DHS says

There is an average of 55,000 known gotaways every month in 2022

U.S. border in San Diego
Frontera de San Diego | Tony Webster

July 26, 2022 6:15am

Updated: July 26, 2022 9:32am

More than half a million “gotaways” crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without being caught since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2022 on October 1, the Department of Homeland Security reported.

Authorities are usually able to identify gotaways through cameras, sensors, and other means, including smoothing out the surface of a dirt road to observe footprints later on. 

The number of gotaways so far in FY 2022 has already surpassed the number of gotaways DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed there was in all of FY 2021, which was around 389,155.

Multiple DHS sources told Fox News there is an average of 55,000 known gotaways every month in 2022.

“Gotaways” is the term used to refer to undocumented immigrants who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without being caught by border patrol agents or processed by officials.

The number of gotaways for FY 2021 and FY 2022 combined reaches approximately 900,000 undocumented migrants that successfully crossed the border, equivalent to the population of San Francisco, the sources added.

The large number of gotaways comes as an unprecedented number of migrants attempt to cross the U.S. border. June was the fourth month in a row to reach more than 200,000 interceptions by border patrol agents.

In FY 2022, DHS has encountered more than 1,746,119 undocumented immigrants, the most the agency has recorded for any fiscal year since 1960, according to The New York Post.