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Salma Hayek celebrates 57th birthday with spectacular bikini shot

The Mexican actress proves once again that age doesn't affect her

La actriz mexicana deslumbró con un bikini rojo en su cumpleaños 57
La actriz mexicana deslumbró con un bikini rojo en su cumpleaños 57 | Shutterstock

September 4, 2023 5:24pm

Updated: September 5, 2023 9:14am

Salma Hayek once again demonstrated that, at 57 years old, she is one of the most stunning Latina artists in the world.

The Mexican actress shared an image on her social media over the weekend, in which she poses in the sea wearing an intense red bikini with white accents, a straw hat, and sunglasses. The digital platforms erupted with excitement.

The star of the movie "Frida," although accustomed to her millions of fans seeing her in spectacular swimsuit snapshots, tiny bikinis, and even nude in the sauna, has now ignited passion.

"I am so happy to be alive and deeply grateful for all the blessings!!!! My dear family, my precious friends, my health, my work that keeps me going, my empowerment team, my connection with animals and nature, and the love of all my loyal fans. Happy 57th birthday to me!!!", the famous actress wrote in her post, accompanying the message with a series of photos where she looked sexier than ever.

Congratulations flooded the post instantly: "You still look 18 years old, happy birthday beautiful," "Happy birthday, happy birthday, your friends from Parchis wish you," "Happy birthday to the most beautiful!!!!!!!!," "Salma, you couldn't be more beautiful, congratulations, brunette," reads the comments on the social network. The post has accumulated nearly two million reactions.

In the snapshots, Hayek is seen sitting on a white sandy beach surrounded by seagulls, and also standing, gazing at the horizon, which highlights her stunning figure.

A few hours later, the film producer shared another image on Instagram where she is seen blowing out the candle on a cake, accompanied by several waiters singing to her, most likely singing "Happy Birthday."

Likewise, as part of the celebrations for her new "trip around the sun," Salma shared another video with her followers: "Life is a series of phases with beginnings and endings, which is why it's okay to feel like butterflies sometimes, even if we let go of a part of ourselves...," she wrote about the clip where she is wearing another bikini and matching pareo, adorned with vibrant colors. This recording also left many in awe and received thousands of compliments.

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