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Aylin Mujica: The dazzling Cuban beauty who had a romance with Mel Gibson

After keeping it a secret, Cuban beauty Aylin Mujica reveals her romance with actor Mel Gibson and shares all the details

Aylin Mujica revela romance con Mel Gibson
Aylin Mujica revela romance con Mel Gibson | Shutterstock

January 24, 2023 12:10pm

Updated: June 24, 2023 4:28am

Cuban actress, Aylin Mujica's romantic relationships have never been a secret to her fans. However, this romance she had with a Hollywood actor has been kept quiet until now. It's about Mel Gibson, with whom the Cuban actress and presenter was involved after one of her marriages ended.

"We dated for three months," Mujica revealed during the Telemundo's reality show "La casa de los famosos" (The House of the Famous).

"I was going through a separation, my marriage wasn't going well. I was with 'Polo Polo' in 'Muévete Catalina,' which was a great comedy touring Veracruz. I met him because I went to the location of the film 'Apocalypto.' My friend, who was the one handling all the animals for the movie, said, 'Come and meet Mel [Gibson] and take a picture with him.' But I'm very intuitive. I said, 'I won't take a picture with him because I think he won't like it.' Instead of taking a picture, we started talking about Cuba, cigars because he smokes cigars. He told me he didn't like using stunt doubles."

The Cuban actress, who plays Oriana Jasso Murillo in the series "Amores que engañan" (Deceptive Loves), continued: "When I was about to leave, he doesn't speak a word of Spanish, I said to Mel, 'I invite you to the theater, so you can see a play. I know you might not understand anything, but come.' I told Polo Polo, Alexis Ayala, and Lourdes Munguía about it, they were all witnesses to my romance," she added. "He stayed for the entire show."

Following the performance, Aylin Mujica said Mel Gibson extended an invitation for dinner. During their meal, they discussed the challenges they were facing in their personal lives at the time. Despite the difficulties, they made the mutual decision to embark on a relationship, which ultimately came to an end after some time.

Aylin Mujica is now focusing on her children and professional projects such as the reality show "La casa de los famosos" (The House of the Famous).

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