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Russia’s McDonald's replacement is serving moldy burgers 

Instead of getting the food they love, customers received something they did not expect with their meals

July 5, 2022 5:21pm

Updated: July 5, 2022 6:11pm

Customers have complained that the restaurants that replaced McDonald’s in Russia after the fast-food chain exited the country is serving them moldy hamburgers.

McDonald’s closed more than 850 restaurants in Russia following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. But instead of permanently closing, the famous food chain changed ownership and rebranded its logo.

With the reopening of McDonald’s come several changes, most notably the company's name and iconic logo. The chain was rebranded as “Vkusno & Tocha,” which means “tasty, and that’s it” in Russian. Instead of McDonald’s famous golden arches, the new logo consists of two fries and a hamburger.

While the new chain cannot sell Big Macs or McFlurries, it still has access to the same ingredients used in McDonald’s menu. Customers can expect the same menus—now combos—under a different name. For example, the Filet-O-Fish will now be known as “Fish Burger” and the Chicken McNuggets are simply known as “Nuggets.”

Oleg Paroev, former CEO of McDonald’s and now top executive at the revamped food chain, claimed that the restaurant sold 120,000 burgers on its opening day on June 12.

However, instead of getting the food they love, customers received something they did not expect with their meals: moldy, expired food, and insect legs.

“Vkusno & Tochka sells moldy burgers,” wrote Ksenia Sobchak, a Russian television personality and leader of the political opposition, in a Telegram post.

“It looks like they don’t quite honor the standards of McDonald’s, at least in terms of product quality control. Today at least three cases were recorded of burgers with moldy buns sold to customers.”’

Other customers said that the cheese cause they received had already expired.

Yet another customer posted pictures of what appeared to be insect legs inside their burger.

“Figure it out, guys, you don’t need to poison people,” said one customer in response to the expired food reports.

Another customer uploaded a video of birds pecking at a stack of buns left outside of the restaurant, leaving those watching wondering those buns would be served later on.