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Florida legislation banning gender transition treatment for minors is on the right side of the law

With 27 votes against 12, the Republicans in the Florida Senate outnumbered their Democratic counterparts

Seattle Pride parade showing teenagers holding signs
Seattle Pride parade showing teenagers holding signs | Shutterstock

April 13, 2023 4:24pm

Updated: April 14, 2023 8:55am

The State of Florida is one step closer to banning gender transition treatment for minors, a victory for both Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and children who will soon be protected from genital mutilation by the law. 

The new developments took place last week when the Florida Senate approved S.B. 254 27-12, a bill that will codify rules already passed by the state’s two medical boards to prohibit so-called 'gender affirming care' procedures for minors. S.B. 254 will also codify a Medicaid rule to prohibit reimbursement for the same procedures for people of all ages. 

The bill has been championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and will now head to the Florida House of Representatives, which has a similar bill in progress, H.B. 1421.

Republican and Democrat positions on gender transition treatment for minors

S.B. 254 has a good chance of being codified into Florida law since there is a strong conservative majority in the House of Representatives. Once the House approves the bill, it will move to the desk of the governor for signing. Not only does DeSantis want to ban gender transition treatment for minors, he supports using the law to criminally prosecute physicians who are willing to castrate minors.

Even though one Republican senator swung to the Democrat position, the votes on this issue have generally been split along party lines. Both parties claim to watch over minors but from opposite perspectives.

On the one hand, the Democratic Party defends that minors have the freedom to choose their identity. That implies being able to take hormones and/or undergo surgeries that modify their body. The progressive left’s position is that minors should be able to "affirm their identity." That implies being able to decide whether to be sterile and/or undergo surgeries that change their bodies forever.

“I will not be one of the signatories to vilify young people who try to just be who they are, vilify parents when they want to seek gender-affirming care, vilify doctors who provide this care,” said Senator Geraldine Thompson.

On the other side is the Republican Party. Conservatives affirm that the best way to defend minors is to allow them to continue being children. They argue that the sexualization of minors is quite the opposite.

“I don't think young people's bodies should be mutilated until they have a chance to make a decision,” said House Speaker Paul Renner, a Palm Coast Republican, to local reporters. “And when they are adults, if that is what they choose to do, then we support them in that decision. And I think everyone in this room, everyone listening, knows that when you're a child developmentally, you're not ready to make those determinations."

From my own perspective, the Republican position on this issue makes more sense because under the law, minors are incapable of having the mental capacity to make such informed decisions. This is why they are unable under the law to give "consent" to have sexual relations under a certain age. Under the law in most states, it is illegal to have sex with a minor even if a minor gives their so-called "consent" because it is "legally impossible" for them to do so. It is also illegal for them to consume alcohol under the age of 21.

Can minors consent under the law?

If we won't let minors have sex or drink alcohol before a certain age because that's considered harmful, why would the state assume children have the mental capacity to make life altering decisions that would permanently impair their natural physical state or sexuality for the rest of their lives?

The state should not allow minors to make such decisions because they are incapable of understanding the ramifications, and just as in coercive situations where adults may impugn their own judgment onto a minor with sex and alcohol, they could do the same thing with gender transition treatment.


Although it is not an issue that affects everyone, the issue is a major one for parents since it is an active part of the gender agenda is to ensure that parental consent is not necessary. In fact, that is the case in California. In the Golden State, parents now have no say in their children’s health when it comes to gender identity.

Since the nature of progressivism has not proved to be in favor of progress but rather the progressive overreach of government, the governor of Florida has also approved a law to prevent children between ages 5 and 9 years from being indoctrinated in matters of gender and sexuality.

However, the mainstream media has become an active agent of the Democratic Party, Disney, and Hollywood, which has perpetuated false propaganda that the term “gay” was "banned" in Florida. That is not true, however, since said word does not appear in the law. It does not indicate “homosexual,” nor does it indicate heterosexual. The law is actually designed to prohibit schools from talking to young children about sexual issues one way or another. The same goes for them questioning their “gender identity."

The issue isn't about targeting one type of sexual preference over another but rather protecting children from being exposed to sexual issues. 

Now that Florida is on its way to 
passing S.B. 254, there is a domino effect taking place. Idaho and Indiana recently passed legislation to protect minors, as did Tennessee, which has since faced a wave of attacks by trans activists and even a shooting against a Christian school, where three minors and three adults were killed.

In total, there are 11 states that have passed laws to protect minors: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah. North Carolina is expected to be next.

LGBT people who have joined the good fight against child indoctrination and mutilation

The Republican lawmakers fighting for children's rights in these states are not alone. They have the support of “Gays Against Groomers.”

Gays Against Groomers are people with same-sex attraction and other variants of the LGBT acronym. They do not fall into the separatist logic that divides people based on sexual orientation used by socialists to divide and conquer.

Instead, they accept their reality as adults while fighting against the abuse and indoctrination of minors by the gender transition treatment movement. 

Detrans people have also been crucial in this battle. Detrans people are those who previously transitioned, generally during their teen years, and are now trying to go back to living the way they were born.

As people who have suffered mutilation, been given hormones, and even castrated, they are familiar with the procedure. That is why they fight to prevent other young people from suffering from it.

The detrans movement is not unique to the U.S. It also happens in Spain.

The mothers of detrans people who have repented and even committed suicide are leading the campaign against the use of state-funded health for surgeries such as this. The most prominent case getting attention right now is Susan. She sued the Ministry of Health for removing her uterus and amputating her breasts when she was only 15. Years later, when she was of legal age, Susana discovered that she did not have gender dysphoria. She had autism.

Minors with autism have become the target of the trans industry. So much so that the Tavistock Clinic in the U.K. was shut down after performing surgeries on countless cases of minors diagnosed with autism.

Likewise in Mexico, when Congresswoman América Rangel presented a legal project to prohibit “sex change,” trans activists ransacked the Mexican legislature.

So far the Biden administration has been openly in favor of “trans youths,” insisting that minors should be able to "reaffirm their gender."

I respectfully disagree. Children need our help, and Gov. DeSantis is on the right track giving them the protection they need the best way possible -- with the law.