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Trump lashed out at Kanye for asking him to be his 2024 VP

“I think that was like lower on the list of things that caught him off-guard.”

November 25, 2022 1:48pm

Updated: November 25, 2022 4:52pm

The artist formerly known as Kanye West claimed Thursday that Donald Trump blew a gasket after he told the former president he would make a great 2024 running mate. 

In a Twitter video with the hashtag #YE24, rapper Ye reflected on a recent visit to the Mar-a-Lago resort and the comment that sent Trump into a “screaming” fit.

“I think the thing that Trump was most perturbed about, me asking him to be my vice president,” Ye said in the video. “I think that was like lower on the list of things that caught him off-guard.”

The 45th President of the United States launched his own 2024 bid the week before from Mar-a-Lago.

The 45-year-old musician and fashion designer also launched a short-lived White House bid in 2020, running under the Birthday Party, and recently indicated he planned to run again in the next presidential contest.

“When Trump started basically screaming at me at the table telling me I was going to lose — I mean has that ever worked for anyone in history,” said Ye. “I’m like hold on, hold on, hold on, Trump, you’re talking to Ye.”

Ye said he also urged Trump to listen to more of his loyalists, such as white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes.

“When all the lawyers said, ‘forget it, Trump’s done,’ there were loyalists running up in the White House, right? And my question would be, ‘Why, when you had the chance, did you not free the January 6ers?’” Ye recalled.

Other loyalists that Ye alluded to in the video as “these people that the media tried to cancel” include Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Trump ally Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones flashed up.

Kanye West was recently banned off Twitter after a series of antisemitic rants. He was reinstated on Sunday, where he immediately announced a 2024 presidential run.