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Sen. Joe Manchin advocates America's return to centrism

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says a far-left shift is not helping unite the country, and says America needs “a path forward where the center of this country is represented, and that's the center-left and the center-right.”

Joe Manchin desafía a Biden
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February 20, 2024 8:45am

Updated: February 20, 2024 9:20am

In a revealing Monday CNN interview, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin openly questioned President Biden's ability to unite the country, saying he has been "pushed too far" to the left, but expressing hope that the 46th president can once again be the person he was in his previous days when he served in the Senate.

When asked by host Kaitlan Collins if Biden is the candidate who has “the knowledge, the role and the ability to unite this country,” Manchin responded candidly:

“Well, that's the Joe Biden I used to know. I've had this conversation with him and his people, who have gone too far to the left, they've pushed him and pulled him, or whatever. But that's not where America is. That's not where our country is.”

When asked if Manchin would endorse Biden's candidacy, the West Virginia senator responded cautiously, saying, “I'm not endorsing anyone right now. We'll see what happens. We still have a lot of time ahead of us. I'll do everything I can to help them get back." to the center and show them where the strength of this country lies, where the electoral bloc of the country is.”

When asked to interpret his refusal to endorse Biden, Manchin clarified:

“No, no. I'm just trying to do everything I can to make sure that we have a path forward where the center of this country is represented, and that's the center-left and the center-right. That's where people live their lives. That's the kind of government they want. They don't want extremes, and what we're seeing are extremes. Donald Trump is an extremist. And with that, "There are people who are going in that direction. I still think there are enough decent Republicans and Democrats who want this kind of centrist approach to governing.”

Manchin's words resonate as a call for moderation and the abandonment of radical positions that have deeply polarized the country. The former West Virginia governor has held himself out as an advocate for a return to centrism, a path that he considers closer to the desires and needs of the majority of Americans.