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Mia Khalifa and Karol G: More than just an explosive duo?

The former porn star left a message on the Colombian singer's Instagram post. See what she wrote.

October 7, 2022 3:23pm

Updated: October 7, 2022 8:28pm

A few days ago, Mia Khalifa fulfilled her dream of meeting Colombian singer Karol G. Now, the former porn actress is back in the spotlight for reacting to a photo posted by "La Bichota" on her social media. 

The “Tusa” singer wrote posted a hot image on her Instagram account where she appears topless with the message "Ay! que rico" (oh! Yummy!).

Her followers left thousands of reactions and were also bewildered by Mia's comment on the post.

The OnlyFans star reacted to the post with a mysterious emoji, instantly sparking several rumors from Karol G fans. The adult content creator left a purple emoji that has a silhouette of a person on her knees under what looks like a triangular-shaped roof.

On some occasions, this emoji can be used to refer to the practice of oral sex, according to experts in social networks. It is also believed to signify religion, prayer, or worship, and many Internet users use it as a sign of prayer or favor, or to convey love and idolatry, reported AméricaTeVe.

Could Mia Khalifa's fanaticism be a kind of obsession with the Colombian? So far none of the celebrities have clarified the meaning of this message on the platform.

The two celebrities met in Miami, during Karol G’s performance at a stadium for her $TRip Love Tour. At the end of the show, the adult film star wanted to meet the Colombian singer in person, who received her enthusiastically. 

The images of the encounter went viral on social media and many followers commented on the chemistry transmitted by the celebrities during their meeting.

"Congratulations, Karol G you were born for this. The stage presence, the production, the band, the contest, the energy, the dancers, the Bichota. Fuck, this was unforgettable. Thank you," wrote Mia next to the carousel of photos with the artist posted on her Instagram account.

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