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Supermarket 23

Supermarket 23 is a retail online store registered in Florida and Canada doing business with the Cuba regime to sell goods to Cubans in exiles and affiliated with Treew Inc. Supermarket 23 LLC was registered in Florida in 2016 as an LLC, by Anibal Quevedo, who has been described by the press as a "figurehead of the Cuban regime".

In July 2022 Cuban activists in Florida filed a complaint with Attorney General Ashley Moody, alleging unfair and deceptive trade practices against Miami-registered online retailer Supermarket23.

Supermarket 23, distributes products from Palenque Restaurant in Cuba, an enterprise owned by Grupo Palco in Cuba, and other state-owned stores. At least as early as 2008 Supermarket 23 was already operating under the Treew Inc. marketing funnel. More than 10 e-commerce sites registered in countries like Spain, Panama, and the State of Florida in the United States are associated with the same Treew Inc. fax number or customer service number. Still, once a purchase is made abroad through the international partner, the ordered products are supplied by the Palco Group and other Cuban state entities on the island.

The company distributes food in Mercedes Benz vans in Cuba with state-owned license plates. As shown in the photograph, the vans are provided by MCV Comercial S.A., a joint venture sponsored by the Ministry of Transportation in Cuba