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“They took him away from me,” said Karol G about Anuel AA’s new girlfriend

Anuel AA posted a video giving a passionate kiss to his new partner

January 25, 2022 1:16pm

Updated: September 30, 2022 2:23am

Reggaeton artists Karol G and Anuel AA were among the most famous couples in the urban genre, but decided to break up in 2021 despite wedding rumors.

The Puerto Rican singer gave himself a new shot at love and began the new year accompanied by the Dominican singer Yailin "la Mas Viral."

Anuel himself confirmed their romance by posting a video giving a passionate kiss to his new partner on Instagram.

Although Karol G has not commented directly on Anuel AA's new relationship, users were quick to relate what she said at a concert with the reasons for their unexpected breakup.

"They messed with my relationship and took him away from me, but mami at the end of the day he was also like that with me..." said the Colombian before performing the hit song 'A Ella.'

After her comment, the singer continued: "I know that there are a couple of people here who came in secret and will feel guilty tomorrow; it's all good." Afterward, she sang 'Secreto,' a song with Anuel AA.

In August 2021, after the singers ended their relationship, Anuel asked Karol G for a second chance during a concert.

"Everybody sing loud. Let's see if Karol listens to it and comes back to me," said the singer in the middle of the show.

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