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VIDEO: Vice Minister of Health of Peru attacked by protesters while dining in restaurant

Within the group of protesters were relatives of the people who died in the protests last December

Protestas en Perú
Protestas en Perú | Fotos: Raúl Medina/ADN América

March 21, 2023 4:21pm

Updated: March 21, 2023 4:21pm

Peruvian anti-government protesters attacked the Vice Minister of Health, Henry Rebaza Iparraguirre last week in a restaurant in the city of Ayacucho while he was eating with other people.

The group of people, identified as members of the Emergency Committee of the Ayacucho People's Defense Front, intercepted Rebaza inside a restaurant and began yelling "murderer" at him while the official quickly left the place.

In the video circulating on social networks, a bottle of wine can be seen under the table where the deputy minister had been sitting with other people. The protesters criticized the action, alleging that it is inappropriate for a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) to consume alcohol during work hours.

Rebaza, serves as Minsa's Vice Minister of Benefits and Health Insurance in the South American country.


According to Epicentro TV, the group of protesters were related to some of the people who died in the protests last December after the failed self-coup by former President Pedro Castillo.

This same Monday, another attack was recorded in the southern department of Apurímac, when a group of protesters allegedly attacked the Minister of Energy and Mines, Óscar Vera, who was at the inauguration of the 2023 school year at a school in Abancay, according to media reports. local.

When Vera decided to leave the place, about twenty people followed his official vehicles shouting "the minister is escaping" and "murderer".

Peru suffered strong protests in December against the current president Dina Boluarte. In Apurímac, seven people died in clashes with the forces of order; and in the Ayacucho region another 10 people lost their lives.