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Protests sweep Cuba as artists call on countrymen to take to the streets, saying, "it's now or never"

Several Cuban artists residing in the United States joined the call for freedom for the island through their social media pages

Varios artistas se sumaron a las manifestaciones de Cuba este domingo
Varios artistas se sumaron a las manifestaciones de Cuba este domingo | Collage ADN América/ Captura de pantalla IG

March 17, 2024 9:38pm

Updated: March 18, 2024 9:25am

On Sunday, March 17th, multiple protests erupted across different provinces of Cuba, demanding freedom, food, electricity and an end to the longest dictatorship in the Western Hemishphere. A group of Cuban artists, mainly based in the United States, also took to their social media platforms to support the demonstrations on the island.

One of the earliest to do so was Miami-based singer La Diosa. After spontaneous marches broke out in Santiago de Cuba, where the first uprisings were reported, she went live on her Facebook profile with a message for her people.

The singer of "Por Debajo del Agua" urged Cubans on the island to hit the streets and protest against the critical energy, food, and social situation facing the country, emphasizing the need for unity.

"This is the time for all Cubans to come together, from every province and every corner. If we stand united, they won't stand a chance against us," said Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya, the artist's real name.

Alfonso, in her nearly 10-minute intervention, said that it's not a time to see who's inside the island or out but to react, as the entire world is watching the country's situation: "You deserve to live well. You deserve to be free. You deserve everything, this is the moment when you have to come out from everywhere," she told her fellow Cubans.

The artist emphasized that "now is when we need to be united" and that everyone outside the country will do whatever it takes to end "the dictatorship once and for all." She also said that "you can't negotiate with the regime because they don't care about the people's situation."

But La Diosa wasn't the only artist using her social media to send a message to Cubans on the streets demanding freedom, food, and electricity, among other demands. Urban artists Osmani García and El Chacal shared a video for people on the island.


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"The time has come, we've been saying it for a while. Take advantage of the [news] coverage and use it, what are we waiting for?" expressed El Chacal, while García had stronger words, suggesting specific actions that would help defeat the regime.

The "El Taxi" singer commented that "the police stations had to go off the air" and said that all Cubans were excited seeing the bravery of the people taking to the streets. The artists offered blessings for the protesters and recalled hearing chants of "Patria y Vida" in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo (two of the strongest protest points), a song that demands freedom for Cuba.

Other celebrities have also joined these demands following the difficult situation in Cuba: Willy Chirino, Haydée Milanés, Jorgito Kamankola, and Al2 El Aldeano are just a few of the many who are raising their voices for a change on the Caribbean island.

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