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Expelled to Communism: Plane with 66 Cubans deported from Miami lands in Havana

The operation is part of the emergency measures implemented by the Joe Biden Administration on the eve of the suspension of Title 42

Al menos 66 cubanos fueron deportados desde Miami | Captura de pantalla: Telemundo 51

May 11, 2023 9:12am

Updated: May 11, 2023 9:12am

The United States government sent 66 Cuban migrants back to Cuba on Wednesday in what would be the second deportation flight to the island in less than a month. The plane landed in Havana around 11:45 a.m., Telemundo 51 reported.

A statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Cuban regime (MININT) reported that the deportation flight with irregular migrants was made up of 66 people, 60 men and 6 women, who were intercepted on the coast of Florida or when crossing the border with Mexico.

"A total of 35 had left the country illegally by sea and were detained when they set foot on U.S. soil, while 31 left legally by air and then used irregular routes until they reached the southern border," said the MININT report.

The Telemundo 51 team managed to capture on video three buses carrying migrants and several officers identified in "Detention" uniforms. The plane was off the public radar, in a cargo area at Miami International Airport.

A statement shared this Wednesday by the United States Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) confirmed that the flight carrying 66 Cubans left today for the island.

Unlike MININT, CBP indicated that of those deported "36 were irregular maritime arrivals, 28 recent arrivals at the southwest border, and 2 arrivals at ports of entry."

"The United States has long applied the policy of expelling to their country of origin all aliens who lack a legal basis to remain in the country," the statement said. “On April 24, ICE resumed normal processing of expulsions for Cuban citizens who have received final orders of expulsion.”

It adds that, "the process under Title 8 immigration authorities integrates rigorous protection measures to avoid the return of individuals who may face persecution in their country of origin."

The operation is part of the emergency measures implemented by the Biden administration on the eve of the suspension of Title 42, which could create an avalanche of immigrants at the southern border.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, assured this Tuesday that with the end of Title 42, there will be a "massive disaster" on the southern border due to the foreseeable increase in the arrival of undocumented immigrants.

In a press conference offered in Miami, DeSantis pointed out that he is even willing to provide help for immigration control, despite the fact that it is not a state that borders Mexico and does not have jurisdiction for it.