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Kentucky Democratic congressional candidate calls to 'abolish the CIA'

“Ever since the CIA was founded in 1947 it has gotten us into one illegal, immoral war after another," he said

Geoff Young in the WFPL studio, 2021
Geoff Young in the WFPL studio, 2021 | capture

July 28, 2022 11:26am

Updated: July 28, 2022 12:13pm

U.S. Congressional candidate Geoff Young put up a billboard during the 2022 Democratic primary calling to “abolish the CIA” because “it’s the worst terrorist organization in the world today.”

“Ever since the CIA was founded in 1947 it has gotten us into one illegal, immoral war after another. The CIA has tortured many prisoners, for example at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and has trained thousands of foreign torturers who work for countries allied to Washington,” Young in a statement.

“The CIA’s so-called “intelligence” is almost always wrong. CIA officials are frequently caught lying to Congress and the American people. The CIA also smuggles addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine into America and profits from the drug trade,” he added. 

Young, who was affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), is running in Kentucky’s 6th district with a platform calling against war and abolishing the CIA. His platform put out a 12-point program which includes “prevent a nuclear war,” “get big money out of politics,” “we need Medicare-for-all,” “abolish the CIA,” “Abolish Africom,” “impeach the 6 crooked justices who voted to overturn Roe v, Wade,” “legalize all drugs,” “tax millionaires and billionaires,” “impeach President Biden for risking World War 3 with Russia and China, “end all economic sanctions against all countries and individuals.”   

Young won the state’s Democratic primary election on May 17. However, he has complained that Kentucky’s Democratic Party branch has refused to support him in his fight against the incumbent Republican Congressman, Andy Barr. 

In response, the Kentucky Democratic Party said: “The party cannot actively support a candidate that engages in countless frivolous lawsuits against the party, its officers, and virtually every elected official over the past decade.”

The congressional candidate claims that he is “probably the only anti-war Democrat” running for Congress. Young has made preventing nuclear war his main concern. He was a 2012 Green Party candidate for District 45 of the Kentucky House of Representatives and in 2020 tried to run as a Republican.

“That’s been my main concern for 40, 45 years,” Young explains. “It’s most likely to happen, looking at today’s situation when there is a tense, perhaps a war going on, such as Ukraine. And that’s where the chances of an accidental nuclear war are the highest.” 

Young has been endorsed by Covert Action, a magazine founded by deceased CIA agent, Philip Agee, who died in Cuba in 2008 and was accused of receiving up to $1 million in payments from the Cuban intelligence service.

He denied the accusations, which were first made by a high-ranking Cuban intelligence officer and 'defector' in a 1992 Los Angeles Times report.

Young has also called to impeach President Joe Biden, claiming that he is recklessly provoking China, turning the U.S. into a co-belligerent with Ukraine against Russia, rejecting Russia’s peace proposal in December 2021, helping Saudi Arabia massacre civilians in Yemen, and illegally keeping troops in Iraq and Syria.