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NY Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams announce plan to crackdown on subway crimes

The plan will add 10,000 extra hours of police patrolling the subways and preventing crime

October 23, 2022 3:48am

Updated: October 23, 2022 3:53pm

New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced plans on Saturday to deal with the surge in crimes in the Big Apple’s subway system by adding additional surveillance cameras and placing more police officers.

The “Cops, Cameras, Care” initiative will use police officers from the state-run MTA Police Department and the New York Police Department to add 1,200 extra daily overtime shifts to secure the city’s subway system. 

According to Hochul and Adams, this would mean 10,000 extra hours of police patrolling the subways and preventing crime. 

"My number one priority as Governor is keeping New Yorkers safe in the streets, in their homes, in their schools, and on the subway, and we will do whatever it takes to make our subways safer for riders," Governor Hochul said. 

"Our expanded subway safety strategy of Cops, Cameras, and Care will crack down on subway crime, help those experiencing homelessness get the support they need to get out of the system and alleviate concerns of riders to ensure New Yorkers feel safer throughout the subway system,” she added.

“The bottom line is that riders will see more officers in the system, and so will those thinking of breaking the law. On behalf of all New Yorkers, we're thankful for this state investment that will make our subways safer," Adams said. 

In addition to the increased police presence, Hochul and Adams announced a plan to move the homeless and mentally ill people out of the subway system into two new 25-bed units at two psychiatric centers. 

The announcement comes after crime in New York City’s subway system has dramatically increased. According to the New York Police Department, crime on the subway is almost up 47%.

So far in 2022, there have been nine homicides in the subway, including a man who was shoved onto the tracks on Monday.