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NY Asian voters rejected Democrats over crime, education, says new analysis

Zeldin for Governor sign in Brooklyn, New York
Cartel de Zeldin para Gobernador en Brooklyn, Nueva York | Shutterstock

November 21, 2022 6:29pm

Updated: November 21, 2022 6:47pm

Once reliably Democrat voters, New York’s Asian-Americans turned to the GOP and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin in the midterm elections over public safety, discrimination and education, according to a new analysis.

The Long Island congressman won several heavily Asian state Assembly districts in New York City, such as the 40th in Flushings/Bayside Queens and the 47th and 49th in south Brooklyn, according to a New York Post election analysis.

In the latter two Assembly districts, Zeldin won 23 predominantly Asian elections districts combined, including the Chinese-populated Sunset Park.

Zeldin even carried one election district in Chinatown, a Democratic stronghold.

“Safety is my top priority. The crime rate is growing too dramatic on the streets of Chinatown. What the Republican Party put forward is to solve the problem of public security and high crime,” one Assembly district resident, Lili, told the New York Post. She also cited inflation and education for flipping parties.

“We are Asian American citizens, but we are not treated equally… I’m very disappointed about the Democratic party right now. I hope the entire New York could turn red.”

Others interviewed by The Post pointed to progressive opposition to merit-based admissions as a concern.

Once a longshot candidate, Zeldin got within 6 points of his Democrat opponent, Gov. Kathy Hochul, in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 2 to 1. He courted Asians and other traditionally left-leaning groups, like orthodox Jews and Latinos, but failed to distance himself from Trump in the eyes of the city’s Black voters.

His strong performance buoyed down ballot races for both state and national races, including taking every House seat in his home turf of Long Island.

Zeldin indicated that is considering a bid to chair the Republican National Committee off the back of his strong performance in the very blue state.