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Heartbreak: South Florida man suspected of killing wife and son tries to take his own life

According to authorities, a mother and her young son were found dead in their residence, while the father was hospitalized for an alleged overdose

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March 27, 2024 12:29am

Updated: March 27, 2024 11:23am

A veil of sadness and shock has fallen over the neighborhood of 1083 Northwest 97th Avenue in Plantation, Florida where a once peaceful family was involved in a purported tragic double homicide and an attempted suicide.

According to authorities, a mother and her young son were found dead in their residence, while the father was hospitalized for an alleged overdose, in what is being investigated as a possible double homicide and attempted suicide.

The macabre discovery took place shortly after noon today, when Plantation police officers responded to the scene after receiving an emergency call. Upon entering the house, they came across a heartbreaking scene: the lifeless bodies of a mother and her son were lying inside, while the father was unconscious, presumably due to an overdose.

The news has deeply shaken the residents of the area, who have expressed their pain and perplexity at such an unfortunate event. Gilda Howell, a nearby resident, couldn't hold back tears as she declared: “I'm devastated. They were very good people... my grandchildren play with Ethan, I'm devastated, I don't know what happened.”

According to Howell, the deceased minor responded to the name of Ethan and next week he would have turned three years old, a fact that has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, according to Telemundo 51.

John Goodish, another resident of the area, shared his dismay: “This is too shocking. They are extremely good neighbors. Good people. I have never seen him take any type of drugs.”

Aerial images captured by our helicopter showed a blue tarp near a pool, covering the lifeless bodies while several police officers thoroughly investigated the scene. According to records, the home is owned by Jean Carlos Aponte and Sara Ashley Gama, who lived there with their two children, including a newborn baby.

A heartbroken Gilda Howell said: “My heart is broken... I was a little boy and she just had a baby... I knew them... I saw them yesterday.” Other area residents also reported seeing the baby in her grandparents' arms, but it is still unknown how the victims died.

“Oh my God... We were here yesterday... devastation, how does this happen, he was so kind,” Howell lamented, reflecting the pain and disbelief that grips the community in the face of this seemingly unexplained tragedy.

Authorities have remained cautious and have not revealed the identity of the victims at this time, while they continue to investigate the details of the unfortunate event.