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Russian forces plant X’s on Ukrainian building as suspected bombing targets

Ukrainian literature professor Darina Tkachenko tells ADN America she found some of the markings atop her own apartment building

Russian forces plant X’s on Ukrainian building as suspected bombing targets
Fuerzas rusas colocan marcas en edificio ucraniano | @ukraine_avanger_bot

February 25, 2022 6:03pm

Updated: February 25, 2022 8:55pm

The Ukrainian military says Russian advance forces are painting X's atop specific buildings in Kyiv, presumably as bombing targets, and are now asking residents to check their roofs, according to the Ukrainian National Police and ADN America sources on the ground. 

 “The cyber police have created a special bot to report the detected marks that the occupiers leave on the roads,” Ukrainian authorities said on Twitter. “You can take a picture of the points and they will fall into the only database on Google Maps.” 

The Ukrainian government advised that citizens should alert authorities if there are suspicious persons on the roofs, professor Darina Tkachenko told ADN America. Tkachenko, a literature professor from Kyiv who has been reporting on social media the latest events said she was able to film such a person on the roof of her own building, and reported it to the police.

“At 16:20 in front of my house we identified a person on the roof of the front building, it seems that he was making marks, probably with weapons, probably with "a hammer and fixing the roof, I do not know,” Tkachenko added.

“I could not communicate with the police at once, most likely they are all busy defending us,” she said.