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Rejection of the new constitution grows in Chile, poll finds

​​​​​​​The "Reject" option rose last week by one point to 48%, while "Approve" fell by one point to 38%

August 1, 2022 7:17pm

Updated: August 2, 2022 5:16am

One month before the plebiscite that will define whether or not Chile will have a new Constitution, polls show that most people are against the proposed constitution, according to data published on Sunday by pollsters.

The number of people who chose the option to "reject" the new constitution in the poll rose last week by one point to 48%, indicating that most prefer the current Magna Carta, which was established in 1980 by Augusto Pinochet despite being criticized by some for favoring the privatization of basic services.

Meanwhile, the "approve" option, promoted by the Chilean left, fell one point last week and stood at 38%, according to Cadem Plaza Pública polls.

The convention in charge of drafting the text, composed mostly of progressives, began with great expectations, but gradually lost followers due to internal frictions, scandals of a group linked to the 2019 outburst, and several extreme proposals that generated controversy.

The right and part of the center-left will vote against changing the constitution on September 4, considering the new text too "radical." Meanwhile, the left is inclined to give it the green light, even though many believe it is not perfect and needs changes.

According to the poll, "Rejection" of the new constitution will prevail with 56% over "Approval," which does not exceed 44%. 

The poll also revealed that among those who approve of the new Magna Carta, the issues that most concern them are the Single Health System (41%), education (32%), and the pension system (19%), while those who reject it focus on the Single Health System (31%), Education (24%) and Plurinationality (24%).

As for the new constitutional proposal, those in favor value the proposed national health system (30%), the social and democratic state of rights (22%), and free access to education (20%). While the majority of those who reject it (61%) do not value the text at all.

On September 4, Chileans vote on whether to approve or reject the proposed convention drafted by the 154 constituent assembly members.