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6-year-old son of a Latina actress dies in a fire while journalist ex-husband remains in a coma

According to reports, the little boy was trapped in his room shielded by bars making it impossible to rescue him from the flames

La actriz chilena sufrió una gran pérdida tras un incendio en su casa
La actriz chilena sufrió una gran pérdida tras un incendio en su casa | Captura de pantalla/ IG

May 9, 2024 1:27pm

Updated: May 9, 2024 3:30pm

Shocking news has shaken the entertainment world after it was learned that the Chilean actress Mariana Derderián is in mourning from the loss of her six-year-old son. The little boy tragically died in a fire that occurred in her house, which also left her ex-husband suffering from serious burns.

According to the local press, the actress herself was at the home with her children, Leticia, 9, and Pedro, 6. The fire ignited at around 2 a.m. when Derderián noticed the smoke, according to a report from Chilean media agency, CHV News.

Although the actress immediately tried to save her children and managed to access Leticia's room, whom she saved, she was unable to reach Pedro's room, leaving him trapped amid the flames.

Since it is a two-story house, and the little boy's room has bars for protection, it was very difficult to rescue him despite the attempts of the actress and the child's father and ex-partner of the actress, journalist Francisco Aravena.

The man immediately went to the home, alerted by Mariana Denderián, and tried to reach the child's room, which he failed to do and in his efforts he suffered serious burns for which he had to be rushed to the hospital.

To date, the actor remains delicate, after being put into a coma so that the recovery would be as painless as possible.

The actress, well known in Chile for her participation in soap operas such as Mamá Mechona, Floribella and Brujas, suffered a decompensation (an event with symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, amnesia and tachycardia, among others) caused by the terrible event, which has already been reported. is recovering, the news reports said.

The police officers who attended the case were unable to determine the cause of the fire or where it originated. In the next few hours there will be more details of the unfortunate incident, which has left the beloved Latin actress in mourning.

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