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Video: 3 teens and an 11-year-old suspected of violently attacking elder woman in San Francisco 

The video shows the teenagers dragging the woman and, at one point, viciously kicking her in the head

August 16, 2022 7:16pm

Updated: August 17, 2022 11:59am

Four teenagers ranging from 11 to 18 years old were arrested for violently robbing and assaulting an elderly Asian woman in San Francisco, police said on Monday. 

According to San Francisco police, the 70-year-old woman was standing in front of a building when four teenagers approached her. The teenagers started talking to the lady, but because of the language barrier, she could not understand what they were saying. 

She turned around to enter the building, but the four teenagers followed her inside. Once inside, the suspects beat the woman and robbed her before leaving. 

The attack was recorded by a surveillance camera and shared on social media. The video shows the teenagers dragging the woman and, at one point, viciously kicking her in the head. 

However, additional footage shows that woman tries to hide in the hallway but is unable to close the door. At that point, the teenagers come back and keep assaulting her. 

The woman was taken to a local hospital to get her injuries treated. Her injuries were non-life threatening. 

San Francisco identified the suspects as 18-year-old Darryl Moore, and an 11, 13, and 14-year-old. Moore, and the 11 and 13-year-old, were arrested on Wednesday over an unrelated crime. Details of the crime have not yet been made public. The 14-year-old has not yet been located. 

Moore, the 13-year-old, and the 14-year-old have been charged with robbery, elderly abuse, burglary, false imprisonment, and conspiracy. The 11-year-old cannot be charged due to his age, police said. 

 "I think a greater dialogue and discussion has to begin when we are seeing our children involved in these types of crimes. I think it sends a message to us all that we need to do more as a community in San Francisco, more broadly, to discuss how we got to this point," said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins at a press conference.