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VIDEO: House of suspect targeted by Maduro regime explodes, leaving one dead and four injured

"Do you think it was really a gas leak?" commented a netizen on social networks, while the regime continues to arrest former Chavista officials accused of corruption

Explota casa de Ernesto Guevara, acusado de corrupción en Venezuela | Captura de pantalla

April 27, 2023 1:25am

Updated: April 27, 2023 1:25am

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab confirmed this Tuesday that an investigation was opened into the enormous explosion in the house of accused contractor Ernesto Guevara, leaving one dead and four wounded.

The incredible incident, which affected neighboring residences, occurred in the affluent city of Lechería, in the Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui.

"The Anzoátegui Prosecutor's Office 3 is investigating, together with a special commission appointed by Justice Minister Remigio Ceballos, the explosion allegedly due to a gas leak that occurred in Ernesto Guevara's house," Saab said on his Twitter account.

As shown by the multiple videos shared on social networks, Guevara's home was completely destroyed after the explosion. Rescue teams that were deployed to the area found the body of a woman in the rubble. Four other people were hospitalized.


“The community described the noise as if it had been a bomb,” reported the Venezuelan journalist Maibort Petit on social networks, adding that the neighbors said that the great noise was felt in a large part of the northern area of Lechería.

The mayor of the Urbaneja municipality, Manuel Ferreira González, assured that Civil Protection and Citizen Security teams will remain deployed in the area "as long as necessary" to cooperate with the rescue work.

It is presumed that there is still a missing person. “Search dogs and lifeguards were deployed to the site to investigate the adjoining channel,” Ferreira said.

The videos shared on social networks did not take long to receive comments from Venezuelans who affirmed that it was not an accident due to a gas leak and that it is no coincidence that the house of one of those accused of corruption exploded.

"Do you think it was really a gas leak?", questioned a netizen, while she shared a video of the incident.


"The characteristics of the explosion indicate that it was not due to a leak or accumulation of gas. If that were the case, the shock wave would not have been so great and the firefighters were still putting out the flames," another commented.

"Definitely NO! I lived through the shock wave. It was too hot to be a gas, and the gas does not destroy a steel structure, in addition to the ignition that did not occur, it destroyed the steel and the concrete, and the gas does not have this potential. The shock wave was very violent," said a third.

The Maduro regime continues to detain Chavista officials for alleged corruption schemes within state-owned companies in the country. Last Tuesday, the number of arrested rose to 80.

Saab also said there are still 20 arrest warrants pending to be executed and 172 raids have been carried out, without offering further details about the places where these procedures were carried out.