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Trump needs to pray because he ‘offended the Lord,’ says Latinos for Trump president

“You were chosen to lead this country and you’ve offended him in some big way.”

August 29, 2022 4:00pm

Updated: August 30, 2022 11:17am

Bianca Garcia, President of Latinos for Trump, declared in a recent interview that the former president’s mounting troubles may be an indicator of his poor spiritual health.

In an episode of The Jeff Dornik Show released on Thursday, the leader of the Trump campaign’s official Latino coalition said the GOP firebrand is being attacked because there is no one in his circle "used to fighting principalities in a spiritual realm."

"We see it. There are no faith leaders coming out of Mar-a-Lago right now, there's nobody counseling him, his family, praying with him," she told the conservative Christian host, acknowledging the FBI’s recent raid on Trump’s seasonal residence.   

She lamented the lack of spiritual leaders advising Trump, especially Hispanic Evangelicals, and recommended he begin reaching out for their guidance.

"They can't just appear and go and knock on Mar-a-Lago. He needs to be the one to invite them in and say, 'Look... this world has gone chaotic and it's mad,'" Garcia said.

Garcia even attributed Trump’s 2020 election loss to having “offended the Lord,” saying she would refuse to meet him until he prayed.

"You need to go in the prayer closet," she said, referring to Trump. "You need to find a closet, go get on your knees. Pray, and repent, for whatever it is, because you've offended the Lord."

“You were chosen to lead this country and you’ve offended him in some big way and that’s why you’re not in the White House right now.”

Earlier this month, a poll found that almost half of registered voters approved of the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago, while about a third disapproved. However, 39% of those polled – including 71% of Republicans – said that Trump should run for president in 2024.

Trump has repeatedly teased another run for president, saying in a recent interview that he has come to a decision but was waiting for the right time to announce it.