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House passes Biden's massive social spending bill, despite CBO estimating it will add to deficit

Biden and Democratic congressional had promised that the massive nearly $2 trillion bill would be fully paid for with tax increases

November 19, 2021 10:09am

Updated: November 19, 2021 11:09am

The Democratic-led House on Friday morning passed President Biden's massive social spending bill 220-213, despite the Congressional Budget Office estimating that it will add to nation's deficit.

Biden and congressional Democrats had promised the nearly $2 trillion bill would be fully paid for with tax increases. 

According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, extending the "temporary provisions" in the social spending package would "double its gross costs to nearly $5 trillion."

Democrats are moving the bill through Congress using budget reconciliation to avoid the legislative filibuster in the Senate.

The vote comes after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's record-long, eight-plus hour speech that that started on Thursday evening and last until the early hours of Friday.

“You’re going to break America," McCarthy said, referring to increasing government spending while interest costs on the nation's nearly $29 trillion national debt continue to rise.

Moderate Democrats wanted a CBO cost estimate, or "score," before the final vote on the bill. The estimated by the non-partisan Thursday showed legislation will add $367 billion to the deficit.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the bill passed, Democratic members gathered around her in the chamber and began clapping and chanting. The vote was followed by a proposal to reconsider the measure.