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29-year-old woman arrested for posing as a high school student in New Jersey 

Hyejeong Shin had been attending New Brunswick High School for several days before she was caught

January 27, 2023 6:15am

Updated: January 27, 2023 6:15am

A 29-year-old woman was arrested last week after she posed as a New Jersey high school student for four days, school district officials reported. 

The woman, identified by the police as Hyejeong Shin, was charged with providing a false identification document because she showed the school a false birth certificate "with the intent to enroll as a juvenile high-school student."

According to New Brunswick Public School District Superintendent Aubrey Johnson, Shin had been attending New Brunswick High School for several days before she was caught. 

While she attended school, Shin attended classes and met with guidance counselors. Eventually, one of the school staff members "uncovered this woman’s ruse and enabled us to address this situation promptly,” Johnson said.

"Once our staff determined it was dealing with fraudulent information, they immediately notified the appropriate authorities. The individual in question has now been charged," she added.

The incident left students and parents uneasy; many of them claimed that they do not feel safe at school. Shin was barred from entering the school grounds and students were advised to end all contact with her after some exchanged their phone numbers with her. 

"Last week supposedly the administrators let in a 29-year-old," one student said. "So basically everybody was scared. Some people gave their personal information to that lady."

School officials are investigating the incident and the district’s school enrollment process will be re-evaluated. 

According to New Jersey statutes, schools are required to “immediately enroll unaccompanied children, even in the absence of records normally required for enrollment.” Upon enrollment, students have 30 days to provide additional proof of identity or the district can declare them ineligible to attend class.