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Vladimir Putin seen shaking, struggling to stand during Kremlin awards ceremony

Many suspect the Russian leader is suffering from cancer, early stage dementia or Parkinson’s disease, but the reality is unknown

June 14, 2022 11:11am

Updated: June 14, 2022 11:42am

Russian President Vladimir Putin was spotted trembling and having difficulty standing during a Kremlin awards ceremony, reigniting rumors the former KGB colonel has severe health problems.

Many suspect the Russian leader is suffering from cancer, early stage dementia or Parkinson’s disease, but the reality is unknown. His health problems have become amplified in the media since the Kremlin's illegal invasion of Ukraine. 

“Putin is definitely sick,” one anonymous source from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told Newsweek recently, while adding the caveat that, “whether he’s going to die soon is mere speculation.”

Video posted by the UK Express depicted the United Russia leader moving from side to side after awarding filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov the State Prize of the Russian Federation on Sunday, the British newspaper reported.

Putin, who is now 69, was also seen with his legs shaking as he struggled to stand near a podium with his arms in a uniform military stance.

The video is circulating after reports surfaced that Kremlin doctors advised the Russian leader not to make any “lengthy” appearances in public because he was coping with “unstable health” conditions.

That claim was made on the General SVR Telegram channel, which is reportedly run by a Kremlin military source.

Last week, that channel also commented on another recent video with Putin and his advisers in which the Russian leader appeared to be dealing with “a sharp sickness, weakness and dizziness.’’

Russian authorities have repeatedly denied that Putin’s health is subpar.

“President Vladimir Putin appears in public every day,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told French television channel TF1 on May 31. “You can see him on the screens, read his speeches, listen to his speeches… “I don’t think sane people can discern any sort of symptom of disease in this man,” he concluded.

But two other U.S. officials, a retired USAF officer and another from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who claim to have access to a secret intelligence report about Putin’s health have said his outlook is bleak, the New York Post reported.

The U.S. intelligence community is also under the impression to suspect that Putin has become extremely paranoid about his authority with rumors swirling he may have survived a March assassination attempt as tensions have increased since he launched invasion plans against Ukraine. 

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Gelet Martínez Fragela

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