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Democrat-led El Paso may send up to four migrant buses per day to NYC

September 12, 2022 3:45pm

Updated: September 12, 2022 9:49pm

El Paso, Texas is so overwhelmed with border crossers that it is sending its own buses to New York City and releasing others onto the street.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin showed footage Monday of the West Texas city's "street releases" that stems from how overwhelmed local border patrol is.

“Local CBP facilities & NGOs are overcrowded, so the federal gov is releasing migrants onto El Paso’s streets,” he wrote in a tweet accompanying a clip of the segment.

Melugin highlighted the hypocrisy of Democratic politicians, like New York City Mayor Eric Adams, for placing the blame for the migrants arriving in their cities entirely on Republican leaders in southern states.

“All these cities have been blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, complaining, saying it’s cruel, it’s horrible than he’s busing these migrants to their cities,” Melugin told host Harris Faulkner.

“Well now a Democrat city, El Paso, is doing the exact same thing and we haven’t heard any criticism towards El Paso.”

He noted the city was looking to get reimbursed by FEMA for its migrant bus program.

“So these buses, if that’s approved, will end up being paid for by the Biden administration.”

The long-welcoming El Paso considered busing migrants to other cities as early as May, when federal immigration officials told city leaders that 500 asylum-seeking immigrants from Venezuela made up of women and children would be released into the streets unless the city could house them.

At the time, city officials said they were receiving around 900 migrants a day. El Paso is now seeing 1,000 to 1,400 new migrants daily, according to a local NGO.

Melugin said El Paso officials were meeting tonight to discuss awarding a contract to a charter bus company for upwards of $2 million for 16 months of service to help move migrants out of the city.

“The city of El Paso says they’re considering sending a maximum of four buses every single day to other cities around the country,” he told Faulkner.

“Primarily New York City though, because they say that is where most of the migrants are requesting to go.”