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A cruise where you can live the whole year, cheaper than NYC!

Ship residents can choose from cabins with virtual views to suites with balconies overlooking the sea

La experiencia de vivir en un crucero puede ser más económica de lo pensado
La experiencia de vivir en un crucero puede ser más económica de lo pensado | Imagen de referencia/ EFE/Manuel Lorenzo

March 10, 2023 9:05am

Updated: March 10, 2023 12:21pm

A cruise ship can be the "home of your dreams." That's what the MV Gemini, a ship with 400 cabins and space for up to 1,074 passengers, is selling. The experience of moving onto a floor that travels around the world is now possible, and cheaper than most people think.  

Life at Sea Cruises announced that it is accepting reservations for its three-year world cruise.

The voyage will cover more than 130,000 miles and visit 375 ports, located in 135 countries and seven continents, they confirmed.

According to the press release circulated by the travel firm, the cruise also features traditional amenities and includes a 24-hour on-call hospital with free medical visits. But what is most surprising are the payment rates for travelers.

Although they specified that to live on the ship, residents will have to purchase their stay, there can be quite "inexpensive" rates. Prices start at $29,999, with payment options up to $2,499 per month.

With these prices buying on the cruise ship, according to statistics, works out cheaper than renting an apartment in New York City, measuring 2022 rents.

According to StreetEasy's rent index, the average rental cost in the New York City for the past year was just over three thousand dollars a month.

At year-end, that's $8,484 more than cruise costs and $708 more than the starting price of monthly payment plans for this novel proposition.

The ship's tenants can also choose their room, which influences the cost.

There are cabins with interior rooms that have virtual views and ocean view staterooms, to suites with balconies of more than 260 square feet.

An important detail of this "dream home" is that travelers will also be able to take advantage of additional tax benefits when working as international residents aboard the ship.

The Social Security Administration for this offering explained that the United States has agreements with countries around the world that help citizens or residents who are exempt from foreign social security taxes avoid double taxation while working abroad.

The three-year voyage will begin in Istanbul, Turkey, on Nov. 1, 2023, with pickups in Barcelona and Miami.

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