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Mexican daycare investigated for at least 20 cases of sexual abuse

Attorney general says they have at least 10 scientifically confirmed cases of “with some type of sexual abuse”

Stock photo of young girl peering out window in Latin America
Stock photo of young girl peering out window in Latin America | Shutterstock

September 21, 2023 8:48am

Updated: September 21, 2023 8:52am

There are at least 20 cases of alleged sexual assaults against infant boys and girls at the IMSS daycare center in Ciudad Juárez, known as “Techo Comunitario,” according to Chihuahua Attorney General Cesar Jáuregui Moreno.

During a press conference the attorney general stated that the Specialized Office for Attention to Women Victims of Crime for Gender and Family Reasons (FEM), scientifically confirmed 10 cases of “with some type of sexual abuse.”

Currently, the investigation is still ongoing, since police believe there are at least seven other cases in which toddlers may have been involved.

Jauregui Moreno said authorities believe one person is responsible for at least three cases is linked to the allegations.

On July 13 police arrested a woman named Naomy Yamile N. in connection with proceedings for the alleged crime of aggravated sexual abuse.

“There is a person already linked to the process who was a caregiver at this daycare center and was subrogated by the Mexican Social Security Institute,” he said to a cache of Mexican journalists.

“Investigations are continuing to determine if there could potentially be more children involved.”

The Mexican top cop added that most of the children have already been tested, so they are hopeful they are no more victims than those they have already pinpointed as having been abused.

On Aug. 8, the Chihuahua IMSS office filed a lawsuit against the company that owned and operated the daycare in an effort to pursue those responsible, according to an IMSS spokesperson.

IMSS said the daycare center has been closed since July 12 and that their contract was terminated in August. Officials added however, they are continuing internal investigations.

The agency's state director of daycare centers, Mariana Clarissa Coss Garcia and the center’s director of economic benefits, Irma Sicairos were terminated as the fallout continues.

Mexican officials are also launching another investigation into decisions and omissions by Chihuahua public officials as multiple cases of corruption have been reported within various government agencies.

As the investigation continues, IMMS expressed its commitment to families and their beneficiaries, and promised to continue to report on the progress and details of the case until it was resolved.