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Alleged killers of Cuban soccer player arrested in the U.S.

The brothers were captured in Texas thanks to a joint operation by the U.S. and Mexican police forces. 

El cubano de 21 años, Alessandro Amador Triana, era jugador de segunda división en el fútbol mexicano.
El cubano de 21 años, Alessandro Amador Triana, era jugador de segunda división en el fútbol mexicano. | Collage: ADN Cuba

January 18, 2022 6:57pm

Updated: January 18, 2022 11:58pm

The alleged murderers of 21-year-old Cuban Alessandro Amador Triana, a second division player in Mexican soccer with the Arroceros de Cuautla, were arrested on Monday in Texas following a joint operation by police forces from both countries.

Amador Triana's body was found inside an irrigation canal at the end of September 2020. Triana had come to the Cuautla team from another Morelos team, Sporting Canamy, based in Oaxtepec.

"Alessandro, 21 years old, of Cuban origin, had an injury to the cephalic extremity at the level of the cheekbone and left eyebrow. Among his belongings was a credential issued by the National Migration Institute," the police report read.

The expert examinations indicated that the athlete died by drowning. It is believed that despite being shot previously, he was still alive when he fell into the water canal. Since the beginning of the investigation, two brothers, Juan Carlos "N" and Francisco Javier "N" were suspected.

The events that led up to the murder

According to local reports, on September 26, 2020, the Cuban soccer player Alessandro and his teammates left a training session at his club. On their way home, they found a woman crying and asking for help in a store.

Witnesses claimed that a man called Juan Carlos came out of the establishment and told them that the woman was his partner and that they should not interfere. The young men continued on their way, entered a bar on the same street, and had some drinks. In the early hours of the morning, Juan Carlos and Francisco entered the bar, asking for the girl. When Alessandro said he did not know where she was, they left but waited for him outside.

Once outside the bar, Alessandro was beaten by both subjects and later was forced into a white car. They took him out of the vehicle and continued beating him, and then dragged him to submerge him in the irrigation canal. His lifeless body was found a day later.

Finally, almost two years later, Juan Carlos "N," 30 years old, and Francisco Javier "N," 27 years old, both residents of Acámbaro, Guanajuato, were arrested in Texas.