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Trans male threatens to infect schoolchildren with HIV at elementary school

According to witnesses, the individual began to swear and threaten the children present at the school, saying that he would infect them with his blood

Detienen a transexual por exhibición obscena y amenazar a niños en un colegio de Italia
Detienen a transexual por exhibición obscena y amenazar a niños en un colegio de Italia | Fotomontaje: ADN América / Shuttersotck & Screenshot

May 29, 2023 11:29am

Updated: May 29, 2023 11:29am

In a shocking incident this week, authorities in Milan, Italy, detained an individual claiming to be transgender after he was arrested for showing his genitals at the entrance of a public school and threatening children with violence and spreading disease.

The incident took place Wednesday morning at Istituto Comprensivo Casa Del Sole, an elementary school near Trotter Park.

The individual, a Brazilian immigrant without legal residence in Italy, has been identified as a biological male who self-identifies as transgender.

According to reports from witnesses and the newspaper Il Giorno, the individual began to swear and threaten the people present in front of the school, stating that he would infect them with his blood and mentioning that he was HIV positive. The incidents forced the police to be called around 8:15 a.m.

Four agents quickly went to the scene and arrested the individual, putting him in a police vehicle with the intention of taking him to the nearest police station. 

During the journey, the detainee began to hit his head against the windows of the vehicle while continuing to threaten to infect the whole world with HIV.

The situation became even more violent when the individual attacked the officers, kicked one of them and managed to escape from the police vehicle. A foot chase ensued in which the suspect lunged at one of the officers, knocking him to the ground and continuing to flee.

Finally, another agent used a borrowed scooter to reach the individual and stopped him using pepper spray.

The incident was videotaped by university students and shared on social media. Some Twitter users have questioned the actions of the police and have blamed the arrest on transphobia.

However, the president of the police union, Daniel Vincini, has defended the intervention of the agents, alleging that they were called by the school authorities due to the alleged sexual harassment and threats.


The individual is currently in custody and faces charges of indecent exposure, sexual harassment of minors, and threats. Giorgia Meloni's Ministry of the Interior warned that they could even request his expulsion from the country.

The mayor of Milan, the leftist Giuseppe Sala, has announced that the incident is being investigated and, meanwhile, the officers have been temporarily removed from their duties at the police station.