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"The people need a change and it's urgent": Celebrities support freedom for Cuba

Multiple artists have joined the call for freedom on the island through their social media following Sunday's protests

Artistas cubanos se unieron al reclamo de libertad de la isla
Artistas cubanos se unieron al reclamo de libertad de la isla | Collage ADN América/ Captura de pantalla IG

March 18, 2024 12:10pm

Updated: April 1, 2024 9:35am

On Sunday, March 17, several protests were registered in different provinces of Cuba demanding freedom, food, an end to power outages, and the end of the dictatorship. After the events became known, dozens of artists and influential figures, both Cuban and foreign, took to their social media to support the demonstrations on the island.

"Cuba is on the streets. The people must be heard, enough abuse of power Mr. Miguel Díaz Canel, you will pay for all the CASTRO's faults for not having the courage to end this situation, enough dictatorship," wrote reggaeton singer Randy Malcom from Gente de Zona in an extensive Instagram post.

The musician also stated: "Your revolution is useless, it's a failure, and you turn a blind eye for your personal benefit..." while exposing that there are desperate parents in the country because they have no food for their children.

"That's why they prefer to cut off electricity for more than 12 hours to our people than to admit they have been wrong for over 64 years," expressed the interpreter of "La Gozadera" alongside a photo demanding freedom. Additionally, he called for the release of Cuban political prisoners along with the phrase "Patria y Vida," the title of the song collaborated with several artists that earned a Grammy.

Similarly, Alexander Delgado, the other member of Gente de Zona, used his social media stories to send words of encouragement to his followers and Cubans within the oppressed nation: "The people of Cuba are on the streets. Enough of so many injustices. Down with the dictatorship," he wrote alongside a Cuban flag.

Varios artistas cubanos se sumaron al reclamo de libertad
Varios artistas cubanos se sumaron al reclamo de libertad | Captura de pantalla

Yotuel Romero, former member of the group Orishas, also shared several messages for the people, and one of them was a call to Cuban military personnel and the international creative community: "Dear artists of the world, Cuba needs our voice. In every verse, in every chord, in every work, we can be the hope and strength of 11 million souls yearning to be free. Let's echo their longing and together change history," he wrote on the social media platform alongside a video where he advocated for rights for his people and the support of militias to the liberation movement.

Romero tagged important figures in music who have also led political processes in their countries at some point: "In Puerto Rico, figures like Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, and Residente joined their people in this fight. For Cuban artists who believe that art and politics should not mix, they are reminded that art has the power to transform the world," he concluded.

Yotuel's video was shared by hundreds of fans and also by renowned music producers like Maffio, from the Dominican Republic, who added words of support to his post: "A nation rises again pleading for FREEDOM. Free Cuba, Homeland and Life!", wrote the famous producer.

Others who expressed themselves on digital platforms were singer Aymeé Nuviola and presenter Carlos Otero. The sonera stated that they were moved and concerned from abroad, as well as attentive to how the situation in Cuba was unfolding.

For his part, the popular host expressed annoyance that no Hispanic news channel in Florida was broadcasting the details of the events in the Antillean nation that took place on Sunday evening.

In the same line of comments and publications, figures like La Diosa de Cuba, Osmani García, El Chacal, Lenier Mesa, La Señorita Dayana, and El Divo de Placetas were seen, who used their stage to demand an end to the regime and rights for their people.

Other celebrities in recent days have also joined these demands amid the difficult situation in Cuba: Willy Chirino, Haydée Milanés, Jorgito Kamankola, and Al2 El Aldeano are just some of the many raising their voices for change in the Caribbean island.

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