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Conservative Rishi Sunak elected England's new Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak will serve as the leader of Great Britain’s Conservative (Tory) Party and England’s next prime minister, according to reports that broke Monday morning

October 24, 2022 10:02am

Updated: October 24, 2022 3:19pm

Rishi Sunak will serve as the leader of Great Britain’s Conservative (Tory) Party and England’s next prime minister, according to reports that broke Monday morning.

Sunak, who many speculated would replace Boris Johnson in the wake of his July resignation, but was edged out by fellow MP Elizabeth Truss, assumed the lead after Johnson announced he was bowing out Sunday night in what some believed could be a comeback for the former prime minister.

He also edged his last remaining opponent, former defense minister Penny Mordaunt by achieving the required 100 supporters within the Tory Party by London’s noon deadline.

Sunak, who served as finance minister under Johnson’s administration and was part of his ousting in July ran on a policy of economic caution after Truss lost confidence and rumors circulated of her imminent resignation.

The former finance minister rose quickly as a new member of Parliament to become chancellor of the Exchequer by age 39. was on the southern English coast born in Southampton to parents of Indian heritage who came from British colonial East Africa about 60 years ago.

The son of a family doctor, his mother ran a pharmacy and then a small shop in which Sunak worked in, according to the new prime minister’s official website. He says that job was his first experience in the private sector and inspired him to take an interest in the business world.

His hardworking parents saved enough money to send him to Winchester College, one of England’s most prestigious and challenging fee-paying academic institutions.

After graduating with a degree from Oxford University and then attending classes at Stanford University, he saw great success in the private sector at Goldman Sachs before getting elected to Parliament in 2015 by his constituency in Yorkshire.

In 2020, he became chancellor and gained enormous popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when the Treasury distributed billions to support Britons facing hardship from the lockdowns.

While studying at Stanford, Sunak met his future wife, Akshata Murty, a fashion designer whose father, Narayana Murthy, rose to the ranks of India’s elite after he co-founded a technology company.

The couple have two children and maintain homes in London, Yorkshire and even Santa Monica California. He enjoys spending his weekends between time at a Hindu temple and catching matches the Southampton Soccer Club, the Saints.

“You do everything,” he said. “You do both,” he once told the BBC

Sunak’s wealth and even his dapper appearance, notably his wearing of $555 Prada loafers to a construction site, rubbed some working class Britons the wrong way as they feared he was unrelatable. Those fears however seem to be overcome Sunak will now begin his journey leading England.