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Gisele Bündchen goes on vacation to Costa Rica with her hot Jiu-Jitsu teacher

Gisele Bündchen is "getting pretty close" to a handsome Miami jiu-jitsu instructor, while sources connected to Tom question the "timing" of the relationship

November 14, 2022 11:20am

Updated: November 15, 2022 8:46am

Gisele Bündchen seems to have a new man in her life after her divorce from Tom Brady. She is thought to be dating her jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, TMZ reported.

Joaquim is a jiu-jitsu instructor and lives in Miami. Gisele has known him for at least a year and a half. She took lessons with him and then enrolled her 2 sons to take lessons with him as well.

Gisele and Joaquim were spotted going out to dinner in Costa Rica on Saturday, along with her children, Benjamin and Vivian. The location is especially interesting because Tom and Gisele made Costa Rica their vacation spot during the NFL off-season.

Gisele and Joaquim did a super sexy photoshoot together over a year ago for Dust Magazine, allegedly on the art of jiu-jitsu.

Gisele has posted her fondness for Joaquim's teaching skills, saying it gave her confidence and empowerment.

A source connected to Gisele told TMZ that Bündchen and Valente are not dating, adding that her brother also came along on the Costa Rica trip.

Another source close to Tom Brady questions "the chronology" of this relationship and asks why this Miami man is in Costa Rica with her in the first place. 

"It always seemed strange to me that [Tom and Gisele's] marriage abruptly ended one day," the source added.