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California teen dies days after brutal Los Angeles high school bathroom fight

The video shows Mejía being hit by another teenage girl when she suddenly hits her head against a bathroom stall and falls to the floor

Shaylee Mejía sufrió una hemorragia cerebral fatal relacionada con varias peleas | Shutterstock

March 21, 2024 10:02am

Updated: March 22, 2024 9:00am

A California teenager died days after her mother said she suffered serious injuries in her high school bathroom.

Shaylee Mejia, 16, suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage that was allegedly related to several severe fights inside Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles.

The fatal fight on March 5 was captured on a cellphone camera. The video shows Mejia being hit by another teenage girl when she suddenly hits her head on a bathroom stall and falls to the floor.

The victim's mother, María Juárez, is devastated and believes her daughter died as a result of the confrontation that ensued in the school bathroom.

The teenager enrolled at Manual Arts High about eight months ago after Juarez, a single mother of two, moved with her family to a new apartment.

After several months, the minor began to return home with bruises all over her body, presumably from fights.

The mother took photos of the injuries and reportedly complained to school officials and campus police, but no one did anything to fix the problem.

Juárez said that on March 5 her daughter was involved in a school fight that she did not notify her about because she did not want to cause concern. In the following days, the child complained of severe headaches, but continued to attend school.

One night, the victim was invited to a party where she fainted and was rushed to the hospital by a friend. Mejía never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead on March 15.

The mother blamed the tragedy on the school after showing the videos to officials and claiming they did nothing about the bullies.

An investigation is currently underway. Part of the investigation will examine claims that the teenager had fallen down a flight of stairs.

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